Four Seasons for Wolf Gordon Curated Collection - Product Design

CARLO for Missana - Product Design

'Snow' Still Life - Limited Prints Edition - Link to Webshop

HALCYON candle Snuffer for Othr - Product Design

DALSTON by Wolf Gordon - Art Direction

MATTER by Wolf Gordon - Art Direction

LES POMMES and HASAMI Still Life - Photography

POMPEII - Product Design

STYLEX at Neocon - Showroom Styling

INTERLOCKING SHAPES for Stylex - Sculptures

GRUPO METAFÍSICO NYCxDesign - Furniture Design

SHAPES for Otratex - Photography

RUINAS - Sculptures

MAIARELLI STUDIO Website - Photography

MA KHIN Café - Concept and Interior Design

MA KHIN Café - Concept and Interior Design

SEU XEREA Restaurant - Interior Design

NYC Aids Memorial by Studio ai Architects - Graphic Design

Studioestudio combines our rational approach and artistic vision through designs of simple lines, color and geometry, to create objects and images that evoke emotion.

Our studio in Brooklyn, NY


Studioestudio was founded by Laura Alandes and Pablo Alabau, in New York City to do product design, interior design and art direction. We work on small and large scale projects, we design restaurants, lights, patterns, furniture, we direct and take photographs, our work is based on strong concepts, simplicity and minimalist solutions.

Laura Alandes studied Industrial Design in Valencia, Spain and in 2004 finished her internship with a Masters degree in Furniture and Lighting Design in Barcelona. Since then she has worked at her own studio practicing art direction and interior design.

Pablo Alabau graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Valencia in 1998. His first work experiences were in Dublin and Paris, and since leaving Paris he has worked from his own studio on design and art projects. The two first met early in their careers and since then they have collaborated on many projects.


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